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The Inhumans Get A New Look

Posted by TymeHunter on September 26, 2015


At least Black Bolt and the Human Torch do. With Uncanny Inhumans just overĀ the horizon, as Marvel continues to try and push the motley team of heroes on its readers, the characters are getting some new duds. As you can see, Black Bolt looks like he got off the set of a Michael Bay movie, forced to glide down in one of those wing-suits against Transformers. And Johnny? I guess it works? I wish I had something to witty to say, but I’ll just shrug my shoulders with a resounding eh and be done with it.

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“X-Men ’92” To Be Ongoing Comic!

Posted by TymeHunter on September 26, 2015


The 90s were a grand ol’ time! Well, not always, but the decade did produce one of the most beloved superhero cartoons of all time: X-Men. Since then, people have been trying to recapture the nostalgia in an effort to re-live the magic. Fortunately, Marvel heard its fans. At first just a Secret Wars tie-in miniseries, X-Men ’92 will be continuing as an ongoing series in spring of 2016! Both Chad Bowers and Chris Sims will be returning to write the series and deliver all the 90s goodness, heroes and villains included, we could possibly hope for!

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“Jessica Jones” Teaser Trailer

Posted by TymeHunter on September 26, 2015

Or at the least the second teaser trailer. I’m not sure. No matter, what’s important is that we get some real time footage, as opposed to the psychedelic teaser from a couple weeks ago. Either way, there really isn’t much to see, with the highlight being the last couple seconds. To the average viewer, it might come across as a surprise, to a comics fan, not so much.

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The Flash Gets A New Outfit In Season 2!

Posted by TymeHunter on July 20, 2015


That said, the changes aren’t huge. The most notable alteration is the logo on his chest.Ā Now with a white background, like the comics, as opposed to the red background of Season 1, it’s good to see all the pieces coming together. With characters like Jay Garrick and Atom Smasher scheduled to make appearances in the second season, the DC TV universe is expanding in all the ways we hoped it would!

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Spider-Man Gets A New Costume!

Posted by TymeHunter on June 30, 2015


Typically, I’m all for change, especially in comics. The status quo needs to be refreshed now and again to keep things interesting. That said, I’m kind of skepticalĀ aboutĀ the new Spider-Man outfit. My biggest concern is the obvious: the neon-colored spider emblem and eyes. Eh. Upon reading Dan Slott’s plans for the wall-crawler, which are the followingĀ ā€œPeter Parker has stepped up. Heā€™s grown. Heā€™s become the Peter Parker weā€™ve always hoped he was going to be. This company, with Peterā€™s inventions and Peterā€™s gumption has gone to new heights,” I have mixed feelings. Sure I like to see Peter finally realize his potential, but on the other hand, part of his everyman-character is that things don’t work out for him, in such a way, that he’s too distracted to reach that potential. Oh well, I can’t have it both ways. I’ll hope for the best;Ā I’m sure I’ll enjoy theĀ Amazing Spider-Man series. Hopefully the neon isn’t permeant. Though as a Alex Ross enthusiast, it’s hard for me to complain about the artwork.



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Tom Holland is Spider-Man!

Posted by TymeHunter on June 23, 2015


It’s been announced! Meet your new Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man: Tom Holland! 19 years old, the English actor was hired today to be everyone’s favorite web-slinger! Frankly, I think he manages to look the part, out of the various pictures of him I’ve seen, and I have utter confidence when it comes to Marvel Studios and their casting choices. Following in the footsteps of Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield, Holland is scheduled to appear as Spider-Man in the upcoming Captain America: Civil War. With the agreement made between Marvel and Sony, he’s going to be in a bunch more films, and if Marvel can turn the Guardians of the Galaxy into a major franchise, I believe inĀ their decision. I say that because we’ve had a couple lackluster Spider-Man films as of late, but this time Sony is not alone, and hopefully Spidey will get injected with some much-needed Marvel flavoring.

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“DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” Trailer!

Posted by TymeHunter on May 14, 2015

Wowza! Aside from the show’s title being a bitĀ long, I have absolutely zeroĀ problems with the trailer. As opposed to the Supergirl trailer yesterday, which seemed eerily reminiscent of SNL’s Black Widow parody, everything in Legends of Tomorrow works! I can see DC slowly paving the way for a Justice Society or Justice League. We’re getting there. These sorts of things take time, especially if you want to execute them right, but by golly, I can’t help but get excited!

I’ll say this, when it comes to television, DC has got it made. They found the secret formula and are sticking to it! Can we also please take a moment to acknowledge how Arthur Darvill is Rip Hunter, a time traveller from the future?! I’m over the moon that they brought in Mr. Darvill, and in a time-travelling capacity no less!

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“Supergirl” Trailer

Posted by TymeHunter on May 13, 2015

And my general reaction? Eh. I don’t know, I’m just not especially impressed with the trailer. It looks a little too much like The Devil Wears Prada, but with superĀ powers. Maybe I’m the wrong demographic for Supergirl, which I’m totally okay with. I’m all for giving young girls a superhero TV show of their own.

That said, the entire trailer is probably made up from the first episode, so it’s anyone’s guess how it’ll actually go once we’re a season in. At this point though? Wake me up when there’s a Arrow/TheFlash/Supergirl crossover. Now THAT is something I’d like to see, and maybe it’ll happen. But you know what we WILL get? Superman! At some point he’ll show up and I can get excited for that! Just get Superman, The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl, Firestorm, and whoever else these television networks feel like introducing, and boom! TV Justice League right there! Let’s make it happen!

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“Fantastic Four” #2 Trailer!

Posted by TymeHunter on April 19, 2015

Okay, this time around I’m impressed. As opposed to the mildly lackluster teaser that came out a while back, we actually get to see some interesting footage in the latest Fantastic Four trailer. While by no means overly epic, it finally looks like we can worry a little less. With full-on appearances by the Thing and Doctor Doom, I actually think this latest reboot might succeedĀ where its predecessors failed.

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Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman Get Makeovers!

Posted by TymeHunter on March 13, 2015


With DC’s Convergence nearly upon us, news about the status quo for DC Comics’s favorite superheroes has been released. At least with regards to the new uniforms they’ll be donning. As you can see in theĀ images here, Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman are all getting redesigned. But are their costumes better or worse for it? Personally, I’m not a fan of bunny-ears-mecha- Batman and Superman looks like he’s not even trying anymore. He also appears…angry, what with blood-soaked hands and all. Maybe Supes is going through a grunge phase or something.



As for Wonder Woman? She’s the most tolerable of the bunch, at least in my opinion, but those boots? What are with those boots? And the wrist spikes? Will she be impaling folks now? Is that going to be a thing in the Wonder Woman books? I’m sure everything will be explained, but for the meantime, I think it’s fair that we gripe and complain until we get answers!


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