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“Fantastic Four” #2 Trailer!

Okay, this time around I’m impressed. As opposed to the mildly lackluster teaser that came out a while back, we actually get to see some interesting footage in the latest Fantastic Four trailer. While by no means overly epic, it finally looks like we can worry a little less. With full-on appearances by the Thing and Doctor Doom, I actually […]

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Will Freddie Highmore Be the Next Spider-Man?

Probably not, but the above video does propose an interesting question: do you want Freddie Highmore as Spider-Man? Interviewed over at IGN yesterday, Highmore pretty much stated that while he’d love to play the role, it’s news to him that people are asking that he don the Spidey mantle. With already one notch under his belt in playing the infamous […]

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“Fantastic Four” Teaser Trailer

I’m probably not the first person to, having watched the trailer, come out the other end and be intrigued. Not as horrifying-looking as many thought it would be, I’m now willing to give Fantastic Four a chance. I did notice that despite this being a movie about superheroes, the trailer tries to distance itself by leaps and bound from any mention […]

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New “Avengers: Age of Ultron” Trailer!

Marvel was kind enough to release the latest Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer last night and golly gee, what a trailer! While definitely more character-driven, rather than showcasing any huge moments, minus Iron Man vs. Hulk, the new teaser has set the Internet ablaze. People are speculating left and right over who is this and what is that, with some intriguing […]