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Watch the Awesomeness That Is “Kung Fury”!

If you’re reading this, then you’re probably already aware of the 80s-themed renegade-cop movie. And at this point, if you’re still reading, my only question is why? Stop reading and get to watching! Featuring kung fu, Norse gods, mutants, Nazis, a ridiculous amount of explosions, and our kung-fu cop protagonist riding a T-Rex, the movie has it all. The epicness […]

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Mega Man Vs. Starscream…Yeah, That Just Happened

This lovely animation video from Taiwan is pure gold. If you’ve ever fantasized about watching Mega Man slug it out with Starscream, from Transformers, then you’re in luck. It’s the little things which aid in making the video immensely pleasing; from Mega Man’s health bar to getting some help from a surprise guest. In the end, this video pretty much […]

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Check Out ‘Lazy Teenage Superheroes’

If someone told you a bunch of teens cobbled together a superhero short film, made with only $300, and was getting hailed as being better than Heroes, No Ordinary Family and every other superhero show out there, I’m pretty sure you’d believe me. And so I present to you the Lazy Teenage Superheroes. Quite honestly, it’s almost impossible to not be […]