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Doctor Who Season 8 Trailer!

As opposed to the teaser trailer from the other week, the BBC released today a feature length trailer, sporting the Doctor in all his glory. At the moment, like with anytime I see the Doctor regenerate and change into someone else, I don’t quite yet see Peter Capaldi as the Doctor, rather I see Peter Capaldi being Peter Capaldi, but […]

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Doctor Who Season 8 Teaser Trailer!

Yup. I’m excited. If I had to guess the speaker throughout the trailer, I’m going to go out on a limb and say it’s Davros. Creator of the Daleks and one of the Doctor’s most fiendish villains, Davros has the uncanny ability to put the Doctor in moral quandaries, all the while having our hero see his own faults. Anyway, can […]

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Doctor Who Start This Saturday!

In the UK and the U.S. Season 6 of Doctor Who finally gets underway with The Impossible Astronaut. Recently there have been a massive amount of press releases and spoilers have been floating around the internet like severed limbs from victims after Jaws had his way with them. Anyway, here’s the trailer for the upcoming episode and from I’ve heard, […]

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Craig Ferguson Loves ‘Doctor Who’

TV show host Craig Ferguson, besides being an absolute madman, apparently loves Doctor Who; it feels good knowing there are American TV hosts who know about the good Doctor. A A few weeks ago, Ferguson had current Doctor Matt Smith for an interview and this was supposed to be the opening for the show. Sadly, 10 minutes before curtains went […]