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Hitman Monkey

No, don’t worry, you read the title correctly. According to Marvel, that suit wearing, pistol handling monkey is called Hitman Monkey. Apparently, in his first few appearances, he’s going to […]

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‘Harry Brown’

The first image that comes to mind when you think of Michael Caine, is probably not one that imagines him as a badass. In his recent flick, Caine is hoping to change this. As I understand it, Daniel Barber’s Harry Brown features Mr. Caine as an old timer who is sick and tired of all the gangs running amok throughout […]

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Heroes we (kinda) love: Robin

Yeah, I started to start off my writing about super heros with Robin, so sue me. Ah-ha, but I haven’t yet said WHICH Robin I’ll be talking about. And if I’m going to be truthful, I can honestly say that I’m not a Robin aficionado. Okay, enough with the suspense, tonight I’ll just talk briefly about the only Robin that’s […]