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Doctor Who’s ‘The End of Time Part 2’

The end is here! Though I emphasize that fact, nothing could make me sadder within the Doctor Who universe. David Tennant is down to his final episode as the 10th Doctor, and after the aftermath of the previous episode, this episode looks positively amazing, and it should. There’s the wrath of the Master, the 10th Doctor facing certain death, and […]

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‘The Inception’ Trailer

The trailer originally came out in French for some bizarre and twisted reason, with a very short and equally confusing english trailer following not too short behind. Never fear though, for a new trailer has been released. Director Christopher Nolan has already received mountains of fame for his The Dark Knight and now he’s decided to take a running leap […]

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Merry Christmas From The Doctor

Sadly, David Tennant is still leaving Doctor Who in what is now only a matter of days in The End of Time. But don’t feel too grim, because here we have the Doctor, as perky as ever, wishing all of you a Merry Christmas. This is only one of the promos, much like I posted a few weeks ago, of […]

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“The End of Time” is Almost Here

The Christmas Special of Doctor Who: The End of Time is just around the corner. Scheduled for TV on Christmas day over in England, looks like us poors s.o.b.s. here in the U.S. might have to wait a little longer. Regardless, another new trailer for the the 2 part-er and David Tennant’s final appearances as the Doctor, has been released […]

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IRON MAN 2 Trailer is HERE!!!!

FINALLY!!!! Finally we get a peak at one of the most highly anticipated movies for next year. It’s easy to make bad trailers of good movies and good trailers of bad movies, but have no fear because here we have a trailer that makes what should be a good movie look good;  Iron Man 2 looks absoultely brilliant. Yes, there […]