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“Mad Max: Fury Road” Meets “Star Wars”

I’m occasionally skeptical about mashup fan videos. Usually they’re a hit or miss and it requires that special something to make them work. Lo and behold, introducing Road Wars- The Imperator Strikes Back! I can’t remember the last time I saw two, extremely, different movies mesh so well into a melting pot of greatness! Truly, I would like to see […]

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Watch “Power/Rangers” In All Its Gritty Glory

Have you ever wanted a gritty Power Rangers movie? Well then you’re in luck! Joseph Kahn, the director of the 2004 movie Torque, and Adi Shankar, one of the producers behind Dredd, teamed-up to create this excellent Power Rangers fan film! Taking place in a dystopian future where the machine empire has won, Katee Sackhoff plays an adult Kimberly held […]

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Who’s Ready for “Wolverine: The Musical”?

Okay, such a thing is not happening and probably will never happen, but that’s beside the point. What should be noted is Hugh Jackman on The Matt Edmondson Show, a BBC radio program, singing a bit of improv in the vain of Wolverine: The Musical! Honestly, why Hollywood producers haven’t jumped on board with this idea is beyond my understanding, […]

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Kevin Bacon Brings Back “Footloose”!

Kevin Bacon’s been having a comeback of sorts recently. To be fair, I think it’s well past time. Regardless, it’s also worth mentioning that this is the 30th anniversary of Footloose, a pretty big deal for those who appreciate 80s movies revolving around dancing and using said dancing to stick it to “the man”. On the recent The Tonight Show, […]

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Crushes Stuff!

Have you always wanted to watch Arnold in a tank, crushing various inanimate objects? Well, I have I got the video for you! A lucky viewer also has the chance to win a trip to Los Angeles and ride in said tank WITH Arnold, and the two of you can go and crush things together! The video is Arnold’s way […]

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Mega Man Vs. Starscream…Yeah, That Just Happened

This lovely animation video from Taiwan is pure gold. If you’ve ever fantasized about watching Mega Man slug it out with Starscream, from Transformers, then you’re in luck. It’s the little things which aid in making the video immensely pleasing; from Mega Man’s health bar to getting some help from a surprise guest. In the end, this video pretty much […]

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‘Superman Classic’ = Greatness

Based roughly on the old Superman cartoons from way back when, i.e. the 40s, artist/cartoonist Rob Pratt has made a 60 second video of sheer beauty. If you have a minute to spare, then I’m positive you’ll appreciate the interesting take on Superman, watching him engage in an epic slugfest with a giant robot; I found the animation very cool […]