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4 Whole Minutes of ‘Green Lantern’!

The four minutes of footage premiered at WonderCon over the weekend, footage from the upcoming Green Lantern movie. While many people originally were not impressed with the first trailer, these 4 minutes have seemingly changed the minds of a great many folk. The special effects are looking wonderful, definitely improved since the trailer first emerged, and the tone seems just […]

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First ‘Green Lantern’ Movie Footage!

Okay, so two things: 1) I’m overly ecstatic, for I, along with thousands of others, have been waiting ages for some video footage of the upcoming Green Lantern movie 2) Despite my enthusiasm, I’m not exactly sure what to make of it all. The action seems a tad corny and the outfit kinda baffles my mind. Granted, they are certainly […]

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Kyle Rayner dead? Really, guys?

So you know those ridiculous super powered zombies that have been causing 29 different kinds of chaos in DC’s illustrious universe, yeah, well, it seems as though they are starting to rack up the superhero body count. That’s not saying much considering how a hero seems to die every couple of months only to be respawned by the most random […]