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The 4th Doctor Gets His Own “Doctor Who” Comic!

Posted by TymeHunter on November 10, 2015


You read that right! Titan Comics is at it again, giving readers a new comic book featuring Tom Baker’s Fourth Doctor! They’ve been doing some great stuff with their Doctor Who comic line, from their The Four Doctors crossover, to giving Paul McGann’s Eighth Doctor his own series! Featuring the Time Lord in his, arguably, most iconic look, along with companion Sarah Jane Smith, the duo will take front and center in a 5-part miniseries.

The story, titled Gaze of the Medusa, and written by Gordon Rennie and Emma Beeby, with art by Brian Williamson, will showcase the Doctor and Sarah Jane in Victorian London, coming face-to-face with a enigmatic woman who controls a literal army of cyclopian monsters.

So yeah, I’m sold.

The Fourth Doctor #1 comes out in March 2016.

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“Deadpool and Cable” Cover Honors “Back to the Future” Day

Posted by TymeHunter on October 21, 2015


Marvel Comics decided to celebrate the highly anticipated Back the the Future Day, by featuring artist Reilly Brown’s Deadpool and Cable: Split Second #2 cover. Obviously paying tribute to the awe-inspiring film series, it makes sense, in a bizarre way, for these characters to be time traveling in a DeLorean. If you want to check out the book, the first issue is readable online here as a digital-first comic.

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“X-Men ’92” To Be Ongoing Comic!

Posted by TymeHunter on September 26, 2015


The 90s were a grand ol’ time! Well, not always, but the decade did produce one of the most beloved superhero cartoons of all time: X-Men. Since then, people have been trying to recapture the nostalgia in an effort to re-live the magic. Fortunately, Marvel heard its fans. At first just a Secret Wars tie-in miniseries, X-Men ’92 will be continuing as an ongoing series in spring of 2016! Both Chad Bowers and Chris Sims will be returning to write the series and deliver all the 90s goodness, heroes and villains included, we could possibly hope for!

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Get Ready For Marvel’s New “New Avengers”

Posted by TymeHunter on September 2, 2015


Or is it the New, New, New Avengers? I’ve lost count as to how many New Avengers teams there’s been in the last couple years. A good many, I’ll tell you that. Even so, Marvel shared their plans for their upcoming New Avengers title and it definitely is a “new” take on the team. Written by Al Ewing, a personal favorite  comic book writer of mine, with artwork by Gerardo Sandoval, the New Avengers will feature the heroes Hawkeye, Sunspot, Songbird, Wiccan, Squirrel Girl, and Hulking (and probably a few others if I had to guess). While this cast of characters are folks one might not initially round up to compose an Avengers group, I’m curious and excited to see what Ewing will do with this motley crew.

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Marvel Announces Kid-Friendly Spider-Man Comic Series

Posted by TymeHunter on July 28, 2015


And why not? This isn’t the first time Marvel has played this respective card, with a Spidey! series having been done back in the 80s by Marvel UK. Regardless, some say comics have gotten too serious in recent days and are no longer kid-friendly. On some level, I can agree with this argument, but since I’m no longer a child, it doesn’t really affect me too much. Even so, I support kids reading comic books, especially Spider-Man themed comics, as he was my gateway superhero.


Spidey! will focus on a high-school Peter Parker and according to the Marvel’s advertisement blurb, the series is, “Charting the four-colored time machine through is writer Robbie Thompson (Silk) and artist Nick Bradshaw (Wolverine and the X-Men). Together, the creative team will swing headfirst into Stan Lee and Steve Ditko’s famed era of Spider-Man stories, while honoring other Spider-Man heavyweights like Todd McFarlane, Dan Slott, Gerry Conway, and more. But one constant that readers can count on in this in-continuity series, however, are iconic villains, the old Parker Luck, and brand-new legends of its own. And harkening even closer to the silver age of Marvel storytelling, each issue of Spidey will carry a one-and-done format, giving new, lapsed, or veteran readers clean and accessible Spider-Man stories unburdened by continuity”. So there you have it! All-Ages or otherwise, I’m going to at least be checking out the first issue!

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Spider-Man Gets A New Costume!

Posted by TymeHunter on June 30, 2015


Typically, I’m all for change, especially in comics. The status quo needs to be refreshed now and again to keep things interesting. That said, I’m kind of skeptical about the new Spider-Man outfit. My biggest concern is the obvious: the neon-colored spider emblem and eyes. Eh. Upon reading Dan Slott’s plans for the wall-crawler, which are the following “Peter Parker has stepped up. He’s grown. He’s become the Peter Parker we’ve always hoped he was going to be. This company, with Peter’s inventions and Peter’s gumption has gone to new heights,” I have mixed feelings. Sure I like to see Peter finally realize his potential, but on the other hand, part of his everyman-character is that things don’t work out for him, in such a way, that he’s too distracted to reach that potential. Oh well, I can’t have it both ways. I’ll hope for the best; I’m sure I’ll enjoy the Amazing Spider-Man series. Hopefully the neon isn’t permeant. Though as a Alex Ross enthusiast, it’s hard for me to complain about the artwork.



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The War Doctor Returns!

Posted by TymeHunter on May 13, 2015


Titan Comics announced their Doctor Who comic event yesterday, revealing that 10, 11, and 12 would be teaming up in, what I can only hope will be, a marvelous timey wimey-themed extravaganza. At the time, we didn’t know who the mysterious silhouetted  character would be, but now we know. The War Doctor! I have to say, I’m not the least bit surprised with this revelation. We only got to see the War Doctor in the 50th Anniversary episode, so I’m sure folks are hankering to see more of him and learn a little more about what he did during the Time War.

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“Doctor Who” Comic Event Assembles 10, 11, and 12

Posted by TymeHunter on May 12, 2015


Plus a mystery guest! Titan Comics announced that their upcoming Doctor Who comic event will be written by Paul Cornell, the screenwriter for Who episodes Father’s Day and Human Nature. Beginning in August and running through September, the weekly event will feature Doctors 10, 11, and 12 and…nobody knows. The surprise character is anyone’s guess at this point. I know people, myself included, are hoping that it will be another of the Doctor’s incarnations, but it would definitely be super groovy if Cornell pulls the sheet over our eyes by giving us someone completely unexpected.

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Ms. Marvel and Thor Lead the New Avengers After “Secret Wars”

Posted by TymeHunter on March 24, 2015



As for who else will make up the rest of the team? It’s anybody’s guess at the moment, since all we can see is Thor and Ms. Marvel, along with a couple silhouetted heroes, facing off against the Radioactive Man (at least I think it’s him). Anyway, the team will assemble after Secret Wars ends and then…nobody knows. A whole new Marvel universe is going to exist, at least that’s what the big wigs are saying, so anything goes really. Heck, i wouldn’t be too surprised to see a villain or two joining the *ahem* All-New, All-Different  Avengers just because. Boy, that’s a lengthy title.  If you’ve got any thoughts as to who will be a part of this new Avengers team, please let me know!

Regardless, this is the cover that will be featured on Free Comic Book Day, which is on May 2nd, in case you were wondering. Until then, let’s wait, guess, and see what happens!

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Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman Get Makeovers!

Posted by TymeHunter on March 13, 2015


With DC’s Convergence nearly upon us, news about the status quo for DC Comics’s favorite superheroes has been released. At least with regards to the new uniforms they’ll be donning. As you can see in the images here, Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman are all getting redesigned. But are their costumes better or worse for it? Personally, I’m not a fan of bunny-ears-mecha- Batman and Superman looks like he’s not even trying anymore. He also appears…angry, what with blood-soaked hands and all. Maybe Supes is going through a grunge phase or something.



As for Wonder Woman? She’s the most tolerable of the bunch, at least in my opinion, but those boots? What are with those boots? And the wrist spikes? Will she be impaling folks now? Is that going to be a thing in the Wonder Woman books? I’m sure everything will be explained, but for the meantime, I think it’s fair that we gripe and complain until we get answers!


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