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“Quantum Break” Video Game Trailer

There’s been a substantial amount of talk revolving around Remedy Entertainment’s upcoming Quantum Break. Mainly focusing on how there’s been no real footage, minus a few seconds, but people were still looking forward to it. Today however, a full on trailer was released, and it certainly appears to be living up to the hype. With seemingly awesome gameplay, and a […]

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“Mad Max: Fury Road” Meets “Star Wars”

I’m occasionally skeptical about mashup fan videos. Usually they’re a hit or miss and it requires that special something to make them work. Lo and behold, introducing Road Wars- The Imperator Strikes Back! I can’t remember the last time I saw two, extremely, different movies mesh so well into a melting pot of greatness! Truly, I would like to see […]

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“Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F” Trailer

Released several days ago was the English dubbed trailer for Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F! Finally! I mean, I didn’t necessarily NEED to know what they were saying, as it’s pretty easy to know what folks in Dragon Ball Z are talking about, even if you only get the gist. It is, after all, one of the longest running anime-related jokes out […]

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“Star Wars: Battlefront” Gameplay

Maybe I’m wrong, but I feel like it’s been a while since a Star Wars game has come out. Anyway, gameplay footage for Star Wars: Battlefront was showcased over at E3 today, and goodness gracious, what a sight! I can’t remember the last time I was so enthused by an upcoming Star Wars video game, but if you love the […]

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“Macbeth” Trailer

Or rather, Days of Future Shakespeare…starring Magneto. Which is something that actually sounds rather delightful. Anyway, the epic trailer for the new version of Shakespeare’s Macbeth, starring Michael Fassbender and directed by Justin Kurzel, was released today, and it’s a doozy! I’ve always believed that Shakespeare ought to be viewed, whether in movie form or via a play, rather than […]

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Watch the Awesomeness That Is “Kung Fury”!

If you’re reading this, then you’re probably already aware of the 80s-themed renegade-cop movie. And at this point, if you’re still reading, my only question is why? Stop reading and get to watching! Featuring kung fu, Norse gods, mutants, Nazis, a ridiculous amount of explosions, and our kung-fu cop protagonist riding a T-Rex, the movie has it all. The epicness […]

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“DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” Trailer!

Wowza! Aside from the show’s title being a bit long, I have absolutely zero problems with the trailer. As opposed to the Supergirl trailer yesterday, which seemed eerily reminiscent of SNL’s Black Widow parody, everything in Legends of Tomorrow works! I can see DC slowly paving the way for a Justice Society or Justice League. We’re getting there. These sorts of things […]

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“Mad Max” Video Game Trailer is Amazing!

I had no idea the gameplay for the upcoming Mad Max video game would look so incredible! I’m all about adventure/action games, so after watching the four and half minutes of footage, I’m fairly certain I’ll be playing this game on the day it’s released! It just looks good; everything about it seemingly works and it stays true to the […]