You may have heard that the cult-classic anime Cowboy Bebop was getting a live-action adaptation over on Netflix. What you didn’t hear, until today at least, was who would be cast as the leads. Well Netflix finally let the cat out of the bag and, as of this particular moment, fans couldn’t be happier with the actors playing the iconic swashbuckling characters.

Actor John Cho is playing the lead role of Spike, Mustafa Shakir is going to play Jet Black, Daniella Pineda will be Faye Valentine, and you couldn’t have Cowboy Bebop without the villainous Vicious, as played by Alex Hassell. All in all, it looks like Netflix is off to a wonderful start so far as doing justice to the Cowboy Bebop legacy is concerned.

Considered one of the greatest anime ever made, and with a rabid and die-hard fanbase, the idea of a well-made live-action Cowboy Bebop is music to many an ear. The show is set to debut sometime late in 2019.

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