Do I really have to wait until April 24th until Season 2 of the hit YouTube show Cobra Kai premieres? Apparently I do. Following on the heals of the amazing and incredibly well-received first season, Cobra Kai has expanded on The Karate Kid universe in ways no one could’ve dreamt.

In so doing, Cobra Kai became a success in every way that matters. With a superb first season, ending with the return of character John Kreese, the original villain in The Karate Kid series and mentor to now-instructor Johnny Lawrence, fans have been waiting hungrily for Season 2. Thankfully, a new trailer was released today and geez, it promises a plethora of highlights and fan service, including Johnny and Daniel Russo finally coming to blows after literal decades.

One of the more intriguing aspects of the trailer is seeing how Daniel responds to his old nemesis rebuilding the dreaded Cobra Kai dojo. With Johnny no longer in charge, his students falling sway to Kreese’s brutal way of thinking, fights are breaking out all over their small town, as the misguided students fight Daniel’s own protégés.

A question I’m pontificating is who’s going to take Kreese down? It’s a geeky matter, but one I want answers to. The trailer features Johnny trying his hand at combatting his former teacher, but losing badly. Daniel might not be able to take him either, as the only person in The Karate Kid franchise that could handedly defeat Kreese was Mr. Miyagi. However, with Miyagi dead and gone, who will step up? Will Kreese’s defeat come by way of physical combat or through more philosophical methods?

Anyway, Cobra Kai Season 2 comes to YouTube Premium on April 24th.

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