And really, what more do you need? An absolute genius of a director, Refn, known for movies like Drive and Only God Forgives (can’t forget Neon Demon), has a cinematic style that’s unique to him and him alone. With a passion for crazy techno music splashed against dark, crime-centric stories, were anyone else to direct the movies previously mentioned, the results would be disastrous. In fact, and I don’t often say this about a movie, but Drive is one of those tour-de-force films I wish I could watch again for the first time.

Not to toot Refn’s horn too much, but the man has a TV series coming out over on Amazon Prime Video and true to form, it’s everything you would come to expect from him. There’s the moody lighting, the slow camera pans, and of course, the gnarly music.

Titled Too Old To Die Young, the series will be 10 episodes long. Starring Miles Teller as a police offer caught in a world of assassins and criminals (classic Refn), we’ll see heroes and villains go on malevolent existential journeys. All the while there’s sure to be plenty of bloody violence and…a samurai? Sure, that works!

Refn co-wrote the series with comic book maestro Ed Brubaker and my gosh, that’s a perfect combo if ever there was one. Too Old To Die Young comes out on Prime on June 14th.

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