There are tons of characters within the Batman mythos that would do well with their own TV series. If you asked a comic book fan, or anyone really, about whom in Batman lore should receive such an honor, Batman’s personal butler Alfred Pennyworth would likely not receive many votes. In fact, despite serving as a dutiful companion to Batman throughout the ages, it does seem like few individuals have championed for the English servant to be brought to the small screen without the inclusion of Bruce Wayne and/or Batman.

It’s true, Alfred Pennyworth did lead a colorful life before he was tasked with cleaning the Batmobile every other day and serving the Dark Knight sandwiches; Alfred was a warrior in his own right. Even so, does that merit a full-fledged program?

Anyway, at one point in his career, Alfred was an SAS veteran with medical and military skills to boot. The TV show Pennyworth is taking advantage of that somewhat unmined history and is delivering something that is reminiscent of James Bond. Only in this instance we know James Bond will be reduced to serving someone greater. I guess that works.

The drama series is set to premiere this summer on Epix. It will be 10 episodes long and focus on Alfred in his early-20s. So there you go. Pennyworth could be amazing, but I haven’t heard about anyone running out to pick up key comic book issues of the infamous butler.

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