DC’s Detective Comics reached its own personal milestone this week by making it to issue #1000. In a celebration of Batman and his 80-year history, a bunch of DC’s finest writers came together and wrote a compilation of short stories featuring the Dark Knight.

Flash-forward to this weekend, where over at the comic book convention WonderCon in Anaheim, California the DC Celebrates 80 Years of Batman Comics panel revealed some pretty groovy news.

As it turns out, your average person doesn’t really pay attention to logos until you tell them to pay attention to logos. Yet DC Comics is not made up of your average people and they do indeed pay attention to such matters and even changing the status quo. In fashion, they announced at the aforementioned panel that starting with issue #1001, Detective Comics is getting a brand new logo.

If you’re asking what’s different from the previous logo, then notice how the series’ name is framed within the iconic bat-shape and combines blue and yellow colors that have made up Batman’s costume for years. Truth be told, though I’ve been reading Detective Comics for a long while now, I’ve never had the wherewithal to give much thought to its actual design. Having said all that, I think I like the new design! You can see the first issue sporting the new logo down below!

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