But didn’t we just get a My Hero Academia movie? Why yes, my diligent reader, you’re both observant and correct! We have! It’s called My Hero Academia: Two Heroes and it was such a financial and critical success, that another animated movie was almost immediately green-lit.

Personally, I haven’t seen Two Heroes yet, but that’s only because it comes out on DVD and Bly-Ray tomorrow (the 26th). However, some folks have watched the film since it’s been available for digital viewing. The point is if you’re a My Hero Academia fan like me, then you’re on a roller coaster of never-ending excitement! The show’s creators recently revealed on Twitter (and in a Japanese magazine) that the new, and currently untitled, My Hero Academia movie will be released sometime in the winter.

This means the movie could come out later in 2019, as people are hoping for, or maybe even early 2020. Yet considering there’s still plenty of manga to read and Season 4 is starting up again in the fall, there will be plenty of My Hero Academia to keep fans satiated.

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