For decades, Ultraman was a staple of Japanese pop culture. Known for the wonderfully goofy live-action show from years past, Ultraman featured the aforementioned hero doing battle with giant monsters. Yet Ultraman disappeared from the limelight for a time. Thankfully, the infamous superhero is experiencing a revival of sorts.

Based off the latest Ultraman manga written by Eiichi Shimizu that started in 2011, a new animated series is coming out, courtesy of Netflix. A follow-up/sequel to the original Ultraman story, the show, just like the manga, will focus on Shinjiro, the son of the original Ultraman, Shin.

With an animation style reminiscent of that Godzilla series Netflix put out, which makes sense considering the same studio, Production I.G., designed both, I’m not sure yet whether I’m fully on board with the overall look. I think for now Ultraman is in my “wait and see” category. Who knows, it could be awesome. Ultraman arrives to the small screen i.e. Netflix, once more on April 1.

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