It feels like forever since we last heard word about the upcoming X-Men film Dark Phoenix. However, a new trailer has surfaced, following the release of a brand new poster, and boy, oh boy is there a ton of exciting footage to behold. Granted, these trailers are always awesome, while the initial movies leave some fans disappointed. Is that the case here? Hopefully not. Hopefully Dark Phoenix will break the record of poorly received X-men movies and take us to new heights!

At nearly two and half minutes, you can bet your bottom dollar that Fox Studios is desperately trying to pull out all the stops in making Dark Phoenix as epic as possible. Based off of the iconic Uncanny X-Men comic book run by John Byrne and Chris Claremont, the movie focuses on Jean Grey getting possessed by the Phoenix Force and running amok.

Trying to bring such a beloved story to the big screen is no mean feat, as the previous X-Men: The Last Stand proved back in 2006. Yet I try and forever remain the optimist and will reserve all critical judgment until I see the movie. If anything, at least the trailer is pretty darn fun!

The movie hit heaters on June 7, 2019.

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