For what’s felt like years, people have been desperate for any and all footage related to Marvel’s upcoming Captain Marvel. Excitement for the hero’s debut reached a new zenith thanks to the post-credits scene in Avengers: Infinity War, in which Nick Fury sent out a distress call. The wait is finally over and the first teaser trailer is here.

There’s a ton to unpack from the trailer’s reasonably short runtime and websites all over are already hard at work listing out each and every Easter Egg. Ignoring that and focusing on the footage as a whole, all I can say is wow! Highly ambitious in its storytelling, it feels like Captain Marvel is going to be leagues different from any other Marvel movie we’ve seen. Actor Brie Larson is pretty much the physical embodiment of Carol Danvers, but it’s the question about whether the character is or isn’t an alien that’s really the biggest riddle. Alongside Carol Danvers, the trailer also shows off the alien shapeshifting Skrulls, the Kree, actor Jude Law as Captain Mar-Vell, Captain Marvel’s armor and Mohawk, a young Nick Fury and Agent Coulson, along with Carol punching an old woman in the face. Oh, and Captain Marvel might be going Binary (Carol’s “super” form as it were) at the trailer’s end.

You’d think that’d be everything, but nope, today belongs to Captain Marvel. Along with the trailer, a new poster for the superhero flick was released.

Though the good Captain is looking awesome and ready for battle, what really stands out is the back hindquarters of Carol’s cat in the bottom left corner. In the comics, Carol’s beloved cat, Chewie, was a sweet little thing, until it was later revealed to be an alien. Surely we’ll all be losing sleep on the matter until its definitively resolved.

Captain Marvel lands in theaters on March 8, 2019.

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