The first trailer for Halloween, director David Gordon’s sequel to the 1978 movie Halloween, was enough to get people interested. Completely erasing everything after the first movie, the new Halloween will be technically the second movie in the long-running franchise. The latest/second trailer for Halloween paves the way for plenty of excitement and scares. In no time at all, the trailer establishes how serial killer Michael Meyers has returned to his hometown to complete his dastardly work of again trying to kill Laurie Strode, as played once more by Jamie Lee Curtis.

The trailer, simply put, is awesome. While Halloween is unquestionably a horror film, there’s definitely an action movie vibe going on. It’s been stated elsewhere, but it genuinely feels like Curtis is channeling characters like Ripley in Alien/Aliens and Sarah Connor in the Terminator series. Slasher films have a reputation for lacking substance, and many live up to that reputation, but Gordon’s Halloween seems interested in telling a compelling story that’ll both horrify and awe.

Debuting on October 19th, Halloween will also be showing this week at TIFF i.e. the Toronto International Film Festival. If you were lucky enough to get tickets, expect a roaring good time, as midnight audiences at film festivals are the absolute best!

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