The Guardians of the Galaxy franchise is a super hot property these days. That’s in part thanks to the movies and also because of the relatively recent comic series from both Brian Michael Bendis and then Gerry Duggan. The last series ended right before the event series Infinity Countdown, leaving a gaping hole on comic stands everywhere. Yet Marvel recently announced plans for bringing back its cosmic superhero team in 2019. According to the website Newsarama , reports of the reveal can be read up on in advance copies of tomorrow’s Thanos Legacy #1. The actual text reveals the two-page spread as seen above and boasts 35 cosmic characters including the original Guardians of the Galaxy team, Galactus, Moondragon, Beta Ray Bill, Cosmic Ghost Rider, Star-Lord, and plenty of others.

One of the biggest highlights from the announcement is that writer Donny Cates and artist Geoff Shaw will be undertaking the project. With Cates’ status as one of Marvel’s top writers at the moment, many comic book readers are on full alert. Cates is known for big, bombastic stories, along with delivering unique, first appearances of brand-new characters. Assuming the man possesses a wealth of knowledge about the Guardians like he does Venom, and is willing to bring that same imaginative force that’s helped him construct one of the biggest books of the year, everything we know about the space-faring heroes could be changed within the space of a page.

Donny Cates and Geoff Shaw’s Guardians of the Galaxy is slotted for a January 2019 release.

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