It didn’t take long for Netflix to realize there was money to be had in making movies and TV shows based of “geek” properties i.e. video games, comics, etc. The company has been putting out tons of sci-fi and fantasy-related content and it feel like a new announcement is made everyday about Netflix’s plans for making some big production pop culture show or another. And so the widely popular streaming service went and ahead and announced today that actor Henry Cavill has been cast for the main lead in Netflix’s The Witcher.

Based off the beloved video game series and the library of novels and short-story collections that makes up the totality of the franchise, it’s been up in the air for a while about whether or not a Witcher TV was actually going to be made. In no time at all, before the show has been released, The Witcher has been given am eight-episode straight-to-series order, which is awesome news!

With the star-studded power of Henry Cavill as part of the project, it’s more than likely The Witcher will see a huge viewership, if for no other reason than folks’ curiosity about watching Henry Cavill fight monsters.

The Witcher will come out on Netflix in 2019 sometime.

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