For literally decades, comic book artist Jim Lee has been responsible for designing many fan-favorite characters. Yet one individual that doesn’t get a substantial attention by the masses these days is Omega Red. A villain of the X-Men and continual thorn in the thigh of Wolverine, Omega Red was a serial killer the Russian government brought in to try and turn into their personal super solider. Equipped with a set of Carbonadium whips/appendages, these weapons snaked from his arms and could be used to drain an opponent’s life energy.

Anyway, a bunch of original Jim Lee designs have been discovered and put online, courtesy of the CoolComicArt Twitter account. One such reveal was Lee’s Omega Red. First appearing in X-Men #4 and created by Lee and legendary writer John Byrne in 1992, the Russian baddie was awfully unique in his final design.

As you can see, Jim Lee’s initial attempts at Omega Red are clearly inspired by the X-Men antagonist Mr. Sinister. This might’ve been purposeful, as who knows if there were plans to connect the two villains at some point. Thankfully, Omega Red came into his own and became one of the more memorable foes the X-Men faced during the ‘90s.

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