When it was announced that DC Comics would be launching their own streaming service, accompanied with original content, the only question was when the platform would be made available. Rather than providing answers to the general masses, it was instead decided that DC Universe would first promote their future programming line.

In recent weeks and months it was announced that the original shows on the streaming service would be Titans, Swamp Thing, Doom Patrol, and Stargirl. The trailer for Titans debuted in July over at San Diego Comic Con, which got audiences and fans even more intrigued by just when DC Universe would be made available.

Finally the announcement has been made and it appears it’ll drop of September 15th, which coincidentally, is Batman Day. Most assuredly there will be tons of Batman-related content that’ll be made available to watch. However, Titans, the first original show on DC Universe, won’t come out until October 22nd. Along with Titans and the other original programs, the DC Universe streaming service will include Batman: The Animated Series, the fan-favorite Young Justice cartoon, and a litany of other DC movies.

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