Do you like either gothic horror and/or period thrillers? If the answer is yes than you’re going to want to see director Lenny Abrahamson’s The Little Stranger. Starring Domhnall Gleeson, Will Poulter, and Ruth Wilson, get ready for some thrills, folks!

Based off the novel by Sarah Walters, The Little Stranger takes place in the 1940s, but feels like it could exist in the 1800s. The plot revolves around a Dr. Faraday (Gleeson) who ventures to the home of the Ayres family, inhabited solely by the family’s mother, daughter, and son. Along the way, what starts out a mystery to unearth events that occurred years before, turns into a spine-chilling ghost story. Some phantasmagorical “thing” seems to be stalking the grounds, and our protagonist must put aside conventional reason to get to the bottom of things.

Frankly, the whole supernatural angle, took me by surprise. Having not read the book myself, I could have been simply misled by the trailer and there might not be otherworldly happenings. Either way, for those who enjoy a good frolic into the realm of goosebumps, The Little Stranger is obviously for you.

The Little Stranger arrives in theaters on August 31st.

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