The My Hero Academia craze is as strong as ever before. Seemingly unending in its popularity and growing fandom, if you haven’t watched or read the sensational anime and manga, I don’t know what you’re doing with your time!

Anyway, Volume 20 of My Hero Academia is coming out soon in Japan, if it hasn’t already, and the cover art is positively gorgeous! It’s also worth noting that Volume 20 is directly paying homage to Star Wars. Many fans have been quick to point out the comparison between the two. You have protagonist Izuku Midoriya raising his glowing hand in a stance akin to Luke Skywalker and his lightsaber. There’s also the collage of characters to consider.

Even the creator of My Hero Academia, Kohei Hoikoshi, is a massive fan of Star Wars and has come out and said the sci-fi blockbuster directly inspired the cover. Anyway, I dig it whenever a TV show, movie, etc. pays homage to another pop culture phenomenon and this one was too cool to ignore.

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