Like many superheroes, Wolverine is no stranger to the occasional change in wardrobe. Over time, artists and writers might feel the need to update the look of a character. Wolverine’s gone through several outfits, but they’ve generally existed in the same wheelhouse. That is to say Wolverine either sports a combination of yellow and blue or brown and yellow…it’s a color scheme that works for the feral mutant hero.

However, now that Wolverine is no longer dead following Death of Wolverine and Marvel Legacy #1 (which saw Logan return with an Infinity Stone), he’s going to be appearing in full-force in the upcoming Return of Wolverine miniseries. In preparation for his arrival, Marvel’s introduced their new costume for Logan. As you can see above, Wolverine’s new costume is a far departure from nearly anything he’s worn in the past. Through my minute or so of looking up fan-reactions on the Internet, people aren’t quite sold on, what appears to resemble, a water-based suit. The red and black don’t stand out in any real way, but I have to believe there’s a genuine reason for the change.

Written by Charles Soule, Return of Wolverine is the final installment in the writer’s trilogy, coming after Death of Wolverine and Hunt For Wolverine. The costume will presumably debut in Return of Wolverine #2, which goes on sale on October 24th. In the meantime, if that’s Logan’s outfit for issue #2, what’s he wearing for issue #1?

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