William Wallace is legendarily known for helping lead the Scottish people in the First War of Scottish Independence. For those unfamiliar with history, you probably know about the movie Braveheart, which dealt with just that. Though Wallace was ultimately captured, tried, and executed for his rebellion, the story of the Scottish people and their fighting England did not end there. Robert I a.k.a. Robert the Bruce would also follow up where the original leaders started, leading Scotland in a continued effort against England. Because of him, Scotland was successful in regaining its independence and Robert is heralded as a national hero these days.

All that is to say that Netflix is not only making a movie about Robert the Bruce, but has also revealed their new trailer for the upcoming feature. Named Outlaw King, the Netflix original will tell the story about Robert and how he changed the world over the course of a single year. Directed by David Mackenzie and starring Chris Pine and Aaron-Taylor Johnson, Outlaw King will be available to watch on November 9th, 2018.

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