In the DC Comics universe Superman is unquestionably the echelon of power. In the other corner, the Watchmen comic book universe has Doctor Manhattan, a being of living energy who can do anything. These two supermen are unparalleled in might, so what happens when they clash? Well, Doomsday Clock, DC’s epic crossover event between the characters of Watchmen and DC Comics has been promising an encounter between the two figures for a while now. Artist Gary Frank recently tweeted the following image; it hints at a confrontation between the Man of Steel and the omnipotent Manhattan.

The most peculiar thing about it however, is that it appears as though the two are being manipulated. Will they be played against one another? In Watchmen lore, there aren’t many ways to defeat Doctor Manhattan outside of psychological warfare and instilling self-doubt and mental manipulation. Superman has a couple weaknesses, but ultimately, emotional harm is one of the greatest ways to inflict him damage too. Anyway, the puppeteer in question could be Watchmen hero/villain Ozymandias, who was also behind all the horrible events in the original story as penned by Alan Moore. It could also be someone else.

And so I can’t help but wonder how this fateful meeting will play out. Seeing as how Doctor Manhattan can manipulate literal atoms, I hope we don’t get a “superhero fight”, wherein the heroes meet, fight, and then team up, since I have no idea how Superman, despite his vast power, could possibly hurt the Watchmen Übermensch.

Geoff Johns and Gary Frank’s Doomsday Clock #7 comes out on September 26th.

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