Marvel’s original Old Man Logan series, as written by Mark Millar, was a comic unlike most others. Written in 2008, the story took place in a timeline when the villains of the world had killed nearly every superhero and a traumatized Wolverine was reduced to living as a simple farmer, vowing to never again pop his claws. It was one hell of a dystopic and depressing read.

The tale did not end there, as new life was breathed into it following Marvel’s 2015 event Secret Wars. The aged mutant was flung back into the past into the mainstream Marvel Universe and has since tried his best to adjust to his old/new surroundings. However, Logan’s time is coming to an end. Wolverine died in Death of Wolverine in 2014, but he’s recently come back. Now there’s only room for one three-clawed Canadian. Marvel’s realized this and to that end, they announced their 12-part limited series Dead Man Logan. Ominous indeed.

Focusing on the final chapter of Old Man Logan’s saga, the book, in a move very much akin to the movie Logan, will revolve around the older Wolverine and the fact that he’s dying. Before he kicks the bucket however, Logan has a few matters to take care of. Written by Ed Brisson and with artwork by Mike Henderson, the creators of the series explained over on Newsarama that Logan’s planning to tie up of some loose ends, namely, Mysterio. In Old Man Logan’s world, the baddie was responsible for manipulating the mutant hero into killing the X-Men; Logan won’t let that go unpunished.

Dead Man Logan #1 comes out this November. As a fan of each Old Man Logan series, I‘ll be sad to see the veteran hero go.

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