Every so often it feels as though there isn’t enough Power Rangers in the world. Am I the only one who thinks that way? Obviously not, because Hasbro is making certain strides to ensure Power Rangers are forever cemented in pop culture. Though Mighty Morphin Power Rangers debuted back in 1993, changing the world over night, the franchise is once again coming back in big ways. With 25 seasons having been completed between then and now, along with the upcoming 25th Anniversary episode, the Boom! Studios’ comic book line, and the Power Rangers movie from last year, it almost appears as though the dinosaur-themed heroes are on the cusp of breaking the walls of popular culture once again.

Because the show debuted on August 28th, 1993, Hasbro, who now owns the franchise after buying it from Saban, has declared that August 28th, 2018 will be National Power Rangers Day. It’s more than a company finding excuse for fans to add another hashtag on Twitter, as Hasbro has gone so far as to make the day official on National Day Calendar. The announcement calls out to Power Rangers fans far and wide to go and celebrate one’s favorite Rangers, regardless about the iteration, and of course share it on social media with the hashtag (they had to throw in a hashtag at some point) #NationalPowerRangersDay.

The official release reads as follows: “On National Power Rangers Day everyone gets to be a Power Ranger! What are your Ranger skills and abilities? Do you have super strength or enhanced memory? Maybe your talent hasn’t been discovered yet. That’s ok! No matter where you live or who you are, with discipline, mindfulness, and heart, anyone can become a Power Ranger. Ultimately, the goal is to call your friends, color coordinate and get ready to celebrate National Power Rangers Day!

Whether you are a red, yellow, pink, black, blue, green or (favorite color here) Power Ranger, on August 28th, it’s Morphin’ Time! Celebrate your passion for the Power Rangers on social media by wearing your gear and sharing your memories.

Be sure to use #NationalPowerRangersDay to get in on the fun.”

The call is out! Time to dig out your Green Ranger Dragon Flute and parade down the streets in full regalia! It’s morphin time!

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