I’m a huge fan of movies featuring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. I was first introduced to the pair back in director Edgar Wright’s Hot Fuzz. Since then I, and many like me, have been hooked on the zany and sensational humor that the actors/creators can bring to any genre of film. Whether it involves aliens, cops and cultish towns, or zombies, Pegg and Frost are a comedy duo the likes of which is rarely seen.

The first trailer for their upcoming movie Slaughterhouse Rulez just came out and I’m convinced someone read my cinematic wish list. The footage hits all the right beats for me and it feels very much like a movie by Wright, even though Slaughterhouse Rulez is directed by Crispian Mills. This time around the horror-comedy genre is taken to a British boarding school as Pegg, Frost, and student Asa Butterfield (among others) do battle with a subterranean monster.

Releasing over on the U.K. on October 31st, you know, Halloween, I’m hoping Slaughterhouse Rulez makes its way overseas sooner rather than later.

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