Fan films are pretty awesome. They give legitimate fans an outlet to express their love for a franchise. In this case, that franchise is Power Rangers. The YouTube channel HyperdrivePics clearly adores the show (probably every iteration) and was able to have two Rangers, one from Dino Charge and one from Megaforce, be a part of the production.

Titled Dino Mega Charge, the new feature showcases Megaforce’s Ciara Hanna coming back as Gia Moran and Brennan Mejia reprising his role as Tyler Navarro, squaring off against the Wizard of Deception. A baddie from the classic era of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, the ensuing spectacle delight! Plus, we even get to watch our heroes battle some old timey putties! Granted, the production value is a little low, but who cares? Any excuse to see former Power Rangers get together is one I’ll gladly take, production value or no.

The movie was made in promotion for the FanFailm Content that’s held over at Power Morphicon.

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