If there’s one character that not only changed the world of Spider-Man, but the landscape of comic books as a whole back in the ‘90s and to this day, it’s Venom. First appearing in The Amazing Spider-Man #300, the symbiotic baddie was created by writer David Micheline; his now infamous look designed by legendary artist Todd McFarlane. Imagining a world without the alien villain/antihero is a daunting task.

Micheline has gone into detail in multiple interviews about what inspired Venom and how he thought up the unique monstrosity, but that’s a conversation for another day. I say that because Todd McFarlane recently shared what he felt was the moment he realized how Venom should look.

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… This is the page that CREATED Venom!!! If I didn't like the #classic look of #spiderman so much, Venom would never have existed. Here's why… When I took over the artwork for the Amazing Spider-Man comic artistically I wanted to draw #Spidey in his red & blue costume…but he was wearing a black costume at the time. Marvel said they would bring back the 'classic' look in issue #300 if I joined the book (which I did on issue 298). Problem was…what to do with the black costume. So I came up with the alien/monster look and we had a new villain that none of us knew would be such an important character for #Marvel. TODD #venommovie #weareone #venom #villain #happyaccident #accident #surprise #SPIDEY

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Over on Instagram, McFarlane reminisced about the exact comic page that inspired Venom’s design. Whenever creators describe their creative process I’m intrigued.

With the Venom movie coming out in a couple months, one of Spider-Man’s greatest antagonists lives on to this day. At the time of his inception, no one could have banked on Venom lasting for as long as he has. Ultimately, it’s a testament to his character and the fans that love him.

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