Thanks in part to the Supergirl TV show over on the CW, the Girl of Steel is currently a hot property. However, it appears as though Supergirl is destined for more than just the small screen. Although there was once the Supergirl movie from the ‘80s, the cousin of Superman hasn’t been seen in theaters since then. According to a new report from Deadline , Warner Brothers intends to change that.

DC Comics and Warner Bros. have come together to start developing a Supergirl movie. Details are relatively scarce at this point in the game, and anything can happen, including the movie getting canned. Still, as of now, screenwriter Oren Uziel is penning the script.

Deadline’s report also explains that a Supergirl movie in development emphasizes the change within DC Films, as Walter Hamada is now the head, having replaced Geoff Johns and Jon Berg.

And so, for the time being all we can do is keep our ears to the ground and pay attention to any and all news that develops.

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