Among other things, Venom is known for being a horrifying monstrosity. With his propensity for continually trying to devour Spider-Man’s brains (and other organs), the alien creature is not known for his hugs and (presumably) toothy kisses.

After the Venom trailer dropped yesterday, there was a sect of viewers who weren’t impressed and thought Venom wasn’t nearly scary enough. Despite the razor-sharp teeth, massive tongue, and gaping maw, they wanted more. If you felt similarly, then Sony Pictures Japan has you covered.

Right off the bat, this is the Venom that gives Spider-Man’s nightmares nightmares. Heck, running into this guy in a dark alley would likely result in you putting yourself into a self-imposed coma. Anyway, try not to stare too intensely into Venom’s massive, saliva-oozing, mouth…don’t let the terror in!

Venom arrives in theaters on October 5th.

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