If ever you thought Spider-Man: Homecoming was lacking a little anime flavoring, then you’re in luck! Of course the question remains, what kind of awesome brain do you have that thinks the two would go hand-in-hand? Anyway, the No Name Animation YouTube channel went ahead and used the song Silhouette from KANA-BOON to put together a cleverly crafted new introduction to the latest Spider-Man movie. This isn’t their first time applying a festively goofy anime-themed song to a Marvel film. In fact, they’ve done the same to Thor: Ragnarok.

If you recognize the song, it’s because it was recently used in the Naruto Shippuden and just like the anime, the video seen here applies a classic shounen opening. To those unfamiliar with Shonen manga or shounen shows, the genre centers around young male protagonists caught up in humorous and action-packed situations. Many of these heroes, also are trying to find some way to better themselves, which rings very true with this depiction of Spider-Man.

With all that said, enjoy! Unless of course you’ve enjoyed the video already and in which case disregard this comment!

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