I’ll be honest, I never watched the original City Hunter anime, but I did read the manga and enjoyed the heck out of it back in the day. I also saw the highly entertaining Jackie Chan City Hunter movie. It didn’t make a lick of sense, what with how Jackie temporarily became the Street Fighter character Chun-Li after being knocked into the video arcade console, but it was still pure, unadulterated fun.

This new City Hunter movie, which is using much of the same character designs as seen in the original show, is being overseen by director Kenji Kodama, who worked not only on shows like Detective Conan, but on the original City Hunter too.

If you aren’t terribly aware of City Hunter, it’s okay. The manga/anime has fallen into relative obscurity in modern years, getting overshadowed by more explosive and big budget shows. Originally released in 1985, the shonen title, created by Tsukasa Hojo, followed private detective Ryo, a womanizer who did his utmost to rid Tokyo of crime. Accompanied by the character Hideyuki Makimura, they ran a ‘City Hunter’ business, hiring themselves out so they could tackle big crimes on take on the city’s elite.

There’s currently a website dedicated to the upcoming City Hunter, but it’s pretty bare bones right now. Even so, it does showcase the poster, as seen above. Hitting theaters in Japan on February 8, 2019, it’s unclear when City Hunter will make it overseas.

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