From Constantine to Legends of Tomorrow, the Master of the Dark Arts John Constantine, as played by actor Matt Ryan, has experienced something of a resurgence in popularity. With a devout fan-following, Constantine and Matt Ryan enthusiasts are happy the sorcerer’s time on the small screen isn’t over.

Though Matt Ryan is scheduled to once again assume the role come the next season of Legends of Tomorrow, you won’t have to wait until then to get your fix of dark magic.

Introducing Constantine: City of Demons, a full-length animated movie with Constantine (obviously) as the primary protagonist. Based on the CW Seed animated series and voiced by Matt Ryan, the movie will not only be 90 minutes, but is going to be R-rated; something we haven’t seen much of from DC’s animated film line.

Directed by Doug Murphy and written by veteran comic book scribe J.M. DeMatteis, the first third of the movie is comprised of the first five episodes of the City of Demons TV show. Finally, the bonus features include someone to explain Constantine’s abilities and powers, along with a recording of the film’s 2018 WonderCon panel.

Constantine: City of Demons will be made available on Blu-Ray Combo Pack and Digital, along with Ultra HD 4K Blu-Ray Combo pack, on October 9th.

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