Though there’s already been two trailers for Sony’s upcoming Venom (granted one of them was a teaser), it’s been confirmed by Sony China that a new trailer will be released on Tuesday, July 31st. Additionally, it’s been suggested the new trailer shall provide viewers with a full look at Venom’s body, as opposed to fleeting glimpses as seen in previous trailers.

Venom’s full appearance could very well make or break the movie for certain fans. While Sony revealed at San Diego Comic Con a couple weeks ago that Venom would not be sporting the infamous Spider-Man emblem on his chest, many fans have hoped this wasn’t true. So while Venom’s head looks like it just slithered its way out of the source material, the rest of him is going to take a dramatic departure from the comics. Even so, it’s been reported that fans that attended the Venom panel in Hall H reacted positively to the footage shown.

It’s clear that Sony is taking its own spin on Venom, but with a character so closely associated with Spider-Man, the trick will be balancing Venom as an individual antihero/villain who can stand on his own. There’s a degree of skepticism floating around in that regard, but tomorrow’s trailer could be the factor that sways fans one way or the other.

Starring Tom Hardy and Michelle Williams, director Ruben Fleischer’s Venom comes out on October 5th.

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