Based off the popular video game Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse, the first season of Netflix’s animated Castlevania was a resounding success. Only featuring four episodes, fans were immediately hungry for more once the season ended. Castlevania was the anime nobody knew they wanted until it came right up and bit them. The level of quality, both in terms of animation and storytelling, was far beyond what people were expecting.

The trailer for the second season has been released and it looks like the story is even more bonkers (in the best way possible) than the first season. This time around we’re going to watch as our heroes try and thwart Dracula’s quest to rid the planet of humans. Stopping the lord of vampires won’t be easy, but if anyone can handle the blood-soaked mission, it’ll sure to be protagonist Trevor Belmont and his friends.

Because of Season One’s number of episodes, viewers complained. So now it’s been confirmed that Castlevania’s second season is going to get eight episodes. Set to debut on October 26th, Castlevania will come out just in time for Halloween and the holiday’s macabre festivities.

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