When it was announced that director Steven Spielberg was taking the pop culture-centric novel Ready Player One by Ernest Cline and turning it into a movie of grandiose proportions, fans were tremendously hopeful and excited. After the film debuted, there was plenty of criticism thrown every which way. Having said that, even if you think Ready Player One is one of Spielberg’s weakest movies, his weakest films are many other’s best.

That’s neither here or there since the much-loved YouTube channel Honest Trailers decided to give Ready Player One a run for its money. The humorous and (shockingly) insightful criticism comes just in time for the movie’s release on Blu-Ray.

I won’t say much about the movie except that while it has its faults, if you can’t find it inside yourself to enjoy watching a Gundam battle Mechagodzilla, then you’re likely dead inside.

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