And so begins Marvel’s next big event: Infinity Wars. Following the shocking opening in Infinity Wars Prime #1, featuring the sudden and dramatic death of Thanos, the Mad Titan, at the hands of the mysterious Requiem, Marvel’s gone ahead and released a trailer for their comic book extravaganza.

The trailer takes time to feature a couple panels we have (and haven’t) seen before, with Infinity Wars writer Gerry Duggan discussing part of his thought process in setting up Marvel’s latest big event. One of the biggest highlights was that the trailer explaining how Infinity Wars is responsible for the character mash-ups that’ll soon be upon us following Infinity Wars #3, thanks to something called Infinity Warps.

Anyway, I typically find the creation process behind comic books and their stories to be rather fascinating. Along with Duggan is editor Jordan D. White and he goes into a bit of detail about what to expect.

So far, the event is pretty solid and isn’t abrasively overwhelming like many other events have been. With Infinity Wars just beginning, some big changes are coming to the Marvel Universe.

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