San Diego Comic Con is an event of grandiose proportions. One of the panels that typically bring the event to a close is the Supernatural panel, always taking place on that Sunday. Just like every year before it, the fan-favorite TV show was once again met with laughs and celebration.

Having finished its 13th season and quickly moving on to Season 14, Supernatural demonstrates no signs of slowing down. The cast loves working on it, fans love watching it, and generally everyone is pretty thrilled. That air of exuberance shone through at the panel, which I was lucky enough to attend, and it kicked off with a recap of Season 13. From there, we immediately went into a scene featuring Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles), now possessed by an evil version of the archangel Michael, questioning the faith of a devout man. It was…chilling. Though audiences are no stranger to Dean or his brother Sam (Jared Padalecki) occasionally taking a turn towards the darkness, this new version of Dean was unlike anything we’ve seen.

As for the Supernatural San Diego Comic Con trailer (which you can see above), it doesn’t showcase any footage for the upcoming Season 14, but it does offer a somber look at what our heroes endured over the last season.

Season 14 of Supernatural will premiere on The CW on October 11th.

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