Which isn’t to say the sea-faring superhero hasn’t gone through a couple costumes throughout his time in comics, but he’s generally the last person to ever be considered for a wardrobe update. Regardless, Marvel’s Prince of Atlantis is scheduled to pop up in Jason Aaron’s The Avengers # 9 and it’s obvious Namor has gone through some changes since last we saw him.

Over the last couple years, Namor’s died, come back to life, fought Hydra, and joined Jean Grey’s X-Men Red team…the guy’s gone through a bit. It makes sense that he’d alter his clothes to reflect this change. Namor isn’t the sort of character who does things wily-nilly; everything, including his outfits, is calculated and deliberate.

Ultimately, I enjoy the new look. With a crustacean jacket of armor (that really reminds me of a leather jacket), and coral jewelry hanging from his body (because Namor never learned that people don’t wear coral anything anymore), he’s also switched up his hair. It might not sound like a big deal, but the Sub-Mariner has maintained the same, slicked-back hairstyle since the ‘40s (except for that time in the ‘90s). This swanky look really brings Namor to the modern age and it’ll be interesting to see if his personality will fit the new duds.

Avengers #9 comes out in October.

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