The first official promo for Doctor Who Season 11 was released just days ago; it was enough to send the Internet ablaze. Whovians have come out of the woodwork once more, wishing they had a TARDIS of their own so as to jump into the future and start watching Season 11. However, since time travel isn’t possible (?) yet, the Doctor Who Twitter page released pictures from next season. These images not only feature Jodie Whittaker as the 13th Doctor, but her three new companions, Ryan, Yasmin, and Graham.

Having four people in total aboard the TARDIS is not something we’ve seen much of, especially in modern day Doctor Who. What’s also unique is the range of ages for the companions; the show is completely separating itself from the classic trope of the Doctor running around with an attractive woman. The dynamic should prove intriguing and take Doctor Who in a new direction.

And of course, tomorrow at San Diego Comic Con, the Doctor Who panel is the biggest event of Thursday morning. While generally reserved for Sundays, it’ll be curious to see how this affects the Con and the mythic Hall H as a whole. If you’re at SDCC, the panel is at 11:45am in Hall H. Lines have already started up, so make sure to try and claim a spot for yourself as soon as you can!

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