Season One of Netlfix’s Iron Fist threw wave after wave of forgettable villains at Danny Rand, the show’s protagonist. However, one baddie who managed to stand out above the rest was Davos, otherwise known as Steel Serpent. In the comics, Steel Serpent was Iron Fist’s sworn enemy, but the TV show took a slightly different approach with the character. What made Davos reasonably compelling in Iron Fist was that he actually wasn’t a villain originally, but a legitimately good guy. Granted a series of circumstances twisted him and he turned evil, but hey, it can happen to anyone.

That’s neither here or there I suppose. What matters is that it looks like Davos will be Danny’s primary antagonist in Iron Fist Season 2. This week at San Diego Comic Con on Thursday July 19th at 6pm in Ballroom 20, Iron Fist is having a panel. Because of this, Netflix is wasting no time in promoting the second season of the martial artist superhero. To that end, Netflix shared a motion poster, displaying a green neon sign with the Iron Fist logo. Everything is well and dandy until it abruptly becomes the red logo of the Steel Serpent.

Iron Fist Season 2 is scheduled to debut sometime this year.

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