One of the high points of the Dragon Ball Super anime was when Goku achieved the form Ultra Instinct in the Tournament of Power. The form was mightier than Super Saiyan Blue or any other previous transformation and fans went ballistic with excitement. The new look was sleek, different, and Goku just oozed strength. Now a highly celebrated form, Ultra Instinct Goku is coming back, this time thanks to the Dragon Ball Super manga.

Over in Japan, the manga has reached the point in the story where Goku achieves the form reserved for only the highest order of gods. The manga, which is notoriously known as being absolute canon, will feature a slightly different take on the power-up.

The illustrator of Dragon Ball Super, Toyotaro, opted to give a leaner and more fluid appearance than the anime version. While in the Dragon Ball Super show Goku became slightly more muscular, especially when full of rage, the manga UI Goku is designed to look as though he’s built for speed, rather than power.

Regardless, I’m enjoying new UI look and can’t wait to read the literary version of the battle between Goku and Jiren.

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