For nearly a decade, fans of the Uncharted video game franchise clamored for a movie to be made of the series. Additionally, not only did they want a movie, but many believed cult actor Nathan Fillion should star as the infamous adventurer Nathan Drake. Even the actor got on the bandwagon years ago, advocating for an Uncharted movie to be made (which he’d happily star in).

If you’ve finished Uncharted 4, then you like have a Nathan Drake itch you can’t scratch. Well, the powers that be came together and gave you the next best thing short of a feature length movie: a short film.

Director Allan Ungar just released his live-action fan film, simply called Uncharted, starring none other than Nathan Fillion as the franchise’s central character.

Oh man, it’s pretty everything you’d hoped it would be! Everything about FIllion as Drake absolutely works; the one-liners, the combat, and even the way he talks and explains history. Honestly, even if an Uncharted movie never makes it to the big screen, Ungar’s gem of a short is probably the best thing we could hope for (and I say that in the best way possible)!

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