Nine years ago, the now-cult classic Zombieland was released. For a time, there was speculation about when and if there would be a sequel. However, it’s finally been confirmed that a Zombieland 2 is happening, and even more spectacular, the original cast is returning to reprise all their iconic roles. Get ready for the motley crews that is Jesse Eisenberg, Abigail Breslin, Woody Harrelson, and Emma Stone to do what they do best and kill a whole bunch of zombies.

According to The Hollywood Reporter , Zombieland 2 is scheduled for an October 2019 release. Incidentally, the timing matches up perfectly to make for a 10th anniversary of the original.

Zombieland was a dark comedy that completely changed audiences’ view on the zombie genre. With a geeky protagonist and a loveable (albeit highly dysfunctional) supporting group, the four amigos risked life and limb to take one last journey to their favorite amusement park in Los Angeles.

If you haven’t seen Zombieland and don’t mind a bunch of gore smattered with marvelous wit and characterization, then give it a viewing; you won’t be disappointed.

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